ABOUT – Bootbox ®Training .

Bootbox ®Training with Serious Punch is about providing you a fun, effective and a dynamic fitness program that is designed to challenge you, stimulate fat burning, increase muscle tone and strength, improve both aerobic and anaerobic cardio vascular fitness.

Whatever your goals are whether to increase fitness, lose a few kilos for a wedding and feel confident, look leaner and toner on your holiday, fit into your old jeans, learn proper boxing and kickboxing techniques, looking for variety or simply just want to feel and look your best every day. Bootbox ® is an excellent program to get you started, stay motivated and help you achieve goals.

Bootbox ® is a diverse fitness program suitable for all levels of fitness and experience.

The training session incorporates medium to high intensity workouts that combines the skills and drills of boxing, muay thai kickboxing, fight fit conditioning which includes battle ropes, dumbbells, kettle bells, sand bags, agility, sprints, speed workout, core conditioning, tough love and more.